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and not as Jehovah Is in the Bible.

In relation to the soul, the fundamental thing in almost all religions is that they maintain that the soul is what gives life to a human being, as a single whole; body and soul.

This religious statement cannot be observed because the soul is spiritual, while the body is observable because it is material. From that religious idea it follows that the soul is immortal, hence it can be affirmed then that the soul is in the human being because it encourages life, however, the spirituality of the soul cannot be manifested in everyone equally, for example , in babies, some insane, comatose individuals, etc.

The religious explanation of believing in the immortality of the soul, arises as a result of the effects of entropy, which causes the deterioration of the human body until death, therefore of our finitude, but according to the Abrahamic religions, among others, with important differences in the destiny of the soul, but finally, they agree that the soul is immortal. (Buddhism is not a religion and the immortality of the soul does not arise).

According to the Abrahamic religions, the soul will be led to the destination that God has prepared for it, although they have different positions, however all speak of heaven and hell. Catholics add purgatory and Islamic limbo, as intermediate points.

For the Buddhist there is no soul. We are simply mortals who have to learn to live by overcoming suffering and preparing for sickness, old age and death. Reach Nirvana, which is the highest state of consciousness to know happiness.

However, leaving for a moment the Idea of ​​the Trinity, God remains very close to Jesus, because His teachings orient towards Him, since Jesus teaches to overcome the ego and consequently sin, and with it what they call Satan, but it is through self-awareness meditation (self-observing with attachment to moral values ​​and commandments -if you will-) that emancipation and liberation are achieved, in order to achieve redemption. Then, as a result of the exercise of intimate meditation with God, the (mortal) ego is eliminated in order to be authentic (astral) and reach communion with God. In this way one passes from blackness, darkness and death, to light and life. Jesus is essential in that trade, but other teachings of other great universal Masters can also be considered.

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