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As the Marquis of Pombal (Sebastiao José de Carvalho e Melo), almighty Prime Minister of the King of Portugal, has decreed the death penalty for Portuguese officers who surrender, the Brigadier and military engineer José Custódio de Sá e Faria, defender of the fortress on the island of Santa Catarina (Brazil), is offered to the Spanish authorities on the condition that they never fight against the Kingdom of Portugal and settles in Buenos Aires, where he will be appointed director of public works and will pursue a career as an engineer, architect and cartographer until his retirement in 1791 (his assets in Portugal were confiscated).

Foundation of the forts of Melincué (Santa Fe; Argentina) and India Muerta (at the source of the Sauce stream, it will originate by transfer to present-day Colón; Buenos Aires), on the border of the governments of Tucumán and Buenos Aires.

As the Santa Fe council does not designate authority for the area, Commander Juan Francisco de la Riba Herrera designates Esteban Justo García de Zúñiga Commander of Gualeguaychú, Gualeguay and Arroyo de la China (today Concepción del Uruguay) (Entre Ríos; Argentina) , who builds the fort of Gualeguaychú.

Foundation of the San Pedro de Lobos fort (in the Lobos lagoon, 30 km SE of the San Lorenzo de Navarro fort and 40 km NW of the San Miguel del Monte fort; Buenos Aires; Argentina) (18 Aug), completed in November.

The Biscayan Felipe de Haedo, mineralogist and high official in Córdoba (Argentina), tries to convince the viceroy in Buenos Aires that the independent Indians must be subjected and enslaved, to convert them to Catholicism and to avoid their possible alliance with foreigners.

Cevallos proposes to the Minister of the Indies an extermination campaign against the pampas (Argentina), but the authorization will come in 1778 when he has already left Buenos Aires.

By order of the viceroy Cevallos, the sergeant major of the payment of the Reefs Diego Trillo founded with 30 blandengues of the Guardia del Salto a simple fort called Guardia de San Francisco de Rojas (10 leagues ahead of Salto, at the angle O of the confluence of the river Rojas and its tributary the stream Saladillo de la Vuelta) (Dec 20), which, moved in 1779, will be the origin of Rojas (province of Buenos Aires).

The lieutenant of the ship Ramón de Carassa y Souza, 4th Governor of the Malvinas (Feb 1, 1777 – Nov 22, 1779).

Juan Pascual Callejas returns to Port Egmont (Soledad Island; Malvinas) (Feb), this time in command of the brig “Nuestro Señor del Buen Fin”, to verify that the facilities are still abandoned, but discovers that the place has been visited by hunters of sea ​​lions, who have worked in the garden and built a forge.

Royal Order that obliges the Governor of the Philippines to change the route of the Manila galleon, which will have to border Luzon by the NW until the Cape of Engaño, avoiding the slow (40 days of more) and dangerous Strait of San Bernardino, where they have already been lost several galleons. This route, proposed by the pilot Enrique Herman in Jan 1730 and not tested until Mar-Jun 1740 by a galley (with a negative opinion of the pilots upon their return), hinders the smuggling that is carried out on the way out and back in the various anchorages in the strait and for this reason it has always counted on the opposition of the Manila merchants, who ended up forcing the governor to suspend it indefinitely in 1791.

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