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Harassment of unions continues unabated. The US has a higher percentage of its population incarcerated than any country at any time in history. And thanks to recent Supreme Court decisions, no one can rival the weight of financiers.

Drawing dividends from the war remains at the top of his agenda, closely followed by attacks on workers’ wages, pensions, and healthcare… The hard-won safety net by FDR and the strikers is under attack today.

As that great populist, Senator Robert La Follette of the North American League for Freedom (and all its subsequent incarnations) said then, he cannot “be expected to defend the freedom of the masses of the American people. Speak on behalf of vested interests ”.

Have you ever wondered how Adolf Hitler, a mediocre painter of Austrian origin, became the Führer of Germany during the 1930s and 1940s?

The Nazi phenomenon was not a historical coincidence, much less a philosophical whim put into practice by a single man. He had his followers, many with great fortunes, true alchemists of the world of finance at that time.

According to research in recent years, Wall Street bankers (among others) financed Hitler’s rise to power by extracting large profits, and what is even more deplorable is the fact that the family of the current President of the United States Unidos was also part of that group of people.

The North American authors Webster G. Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin, in George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (GB: An Undesirable Biography), summarize in this recently published work, that “Prescott Bush (the grandfather of George W. Bush) and other directors of the Union Banking Company (UBC) were collaborators of the Nazis.

The book recounts that in 1922 – at the beginning of National Socialism – the rail transport businessman W. Averell Harriman traveled to Berlin and met with the Thyssen family to propose the founding of a German-American bank. The Thyssens were already the owners, behind the scenes, of several financial institutions that allowed them to transfer their money from Germany to the Netherlands, and from there to the United States.

These banks were the August Thyssen Bank, based in Berlin; the Bank voor Handel (Netherlands) and the Union Banking Corporation (New York).

In the early 1920s, one of the members of that family, Fritz Thyssen – author of the book I Paid Hitler (I financed Hitler) – contributed $ 25,000 to the newly formed German National Socialist Party, becoming the first and the Führer’s most important financier in his rise to power.

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