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The careful cultivation itself, the same sowings; behind the teams, apparently decent gentlemen, with their thick cloth frock coats, their knee-high boots, some their very catrin sherbet …. hell of a thing! I was saying … here there are no pawns like in Mexico.

“Yes, man;” But the peons here are citizens like the others, all of them eat with a knife and fork, and read their newspaper, and have their little wife in a hat and gloves when they go to the city.

Almost all the fields we crossed were fenced off and crossed by small roads and a multitude of carts of all sizes and shapes: a man with a load on his back, not even for a remedy; pack mules, not even one eye in the face … what about donkeys? … donkeys? …

“But come on.” here. You. Can you even imagine a Yankee herding a donkey? The gradation must be forced: in an American invasion, those who did not fight, which fortunately would be the least, would fall to the rank

—Well, listen to you, the prognosis is dead, and don’t be fooling me with these jokes, if you want friendships to be preserved.

We certainly knew that we were in a highly important town: the capital of the powerful State of California, nothing less.

The crowd gathered at the station was immense and of distinguished people; He was black with hats, jackets and above all that space; the thousand vendors of all kinds of effects, circled the carriage, the boys who delivered newspapers invaded the interior of the wagons, proclaiming their newspapers out of order.

Mr. Iglesias received in the wagon the visit of the authorities and notable people of the State, who were particularized in finesse and attention.

While these presentations were taking place, Lorenzo took me out onto the platform, turning his back on the noise, and said:

“Even if it is a rifle shot, see you.” the Sacrament. This was the terminus of the railroad in 1870: from San Francisco to Ogden this railroad is only 882 miles long, or 294 leagues, that is, as from Mexico to near Matamoros.

See you. the city as on a pedestal among pine forests: at that height they call the Bank of Sacramento: look at it. in its trellises and gardens; the streets are very wide, the squares are beautiful.

there you are. seeing the Golden Eagle; at that end you can see the Hotel del Capitolio.

And it is not the whole large population, but the industrious and moralized population.

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