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The article fi Inniyet is SINAATE’L-logic and Mahiyyetiha and Limmiyyetiha. c. Article Fi tape Fadli SINAATE’L-logic. D. Zekeraha Inde Zikrihi Fadl-i SINAATI’l-logic of the vicular Fihi Tefsiru. to. The article fi tubyini’l-Mori-logic and -l-philosophical and’n-nahvi in ​​the felosophic and’n-Nahvi. 22 Califette, AGE, SS.24-28. 23 haliefs, AGE, p. 28

f. Ma ketebe bihi to ebi hatim ahmed b. CA’Fer ES-Sicistani, Fi’l-bacity ia ma’rifeti Mahiyyeti’l-İA ma’rifeti and’n-Nev and’l-hasseti and’l-Land Fi Ma’rifeti Burhan. g. Article fi Enne’l-reasonable: La Plant Vela Execution. h. Article Fi’l-buhûsi’l-ilmiyyeti’l-Erbaati An Elinfi’l-Mevcudati’s-Selase, Elilahi and Önt-course and’l-logic.24

III. Yahya b. ADî’s SHIPPERATE PERSONALY ADVICE AVAILABLE ADDITIONAL PHILOSOFIC AND WILL NEWS. Admi has a wide culture in various areas. Yahya as stated before. During the substitution in the Name Baghdad, Ebu Bisşr and Farabi have taken logic course and one of the best demands of Farabi. In addition, his teacher (farabi) had made the telephysis of some books.25 The student is an indication of the expression of Ebu Süleyman al-logic instructors that the Indians have beautiful monitoring works26 that the depth of his philosophical culture. Yahya b. There are some views inadequate inadequate of their name. These are expressed by Ebu Hayyan Et-Thevhidi, the student who participated in his assembly and the likes with some curse. O, Yahya b. Adî’s soft-headed looking, shyly, comment is a suckerous person, but the various topics are gentle and sincere in the description of the various subjects, but again, but not a very rigorous divisitist, but the assembly is sumptuous, but the assembly of his contemporary is the teaching of his contemporary Syrani-Greek teaching The Macit Fahri who qualifies as more than a translator says: “He deserves the place where he is worthy of the philosophic and kelami amlaber in the tenth century. Multi-appreciated philosophical or logic texts, which are highly appreciated by prospects, and a multi-appreciated philosophy, usually shows his wide and deep knowledge of its reputation. İl 28 Talks to the remarks of the 28 Endress Thevhidi, he said: ” Despite the degrading comments of Tevhidî, Yahyâ b. We can share the opinion of the Halil Samir, which is not a separate and accurate place in the first and third skin of the Name of Islamic Encyclopedia. Because it even sees a person who is about the jersey to his work, in particular, although it becomes Christian, especially the knowledge and thought of the Aristotleism, the general development of the Christian and Muslims and thinkers of the X. century deeply 24 25 27 28

Caliphate, AGE, SS.29-30. Beyhaki, tetimme, p. 91 Caliphate, Age, p. 14. Richard Ian Netton, Al-Farabi and His School, Routledge, London: 1992, p. 8. Macit Fahri, History of Islamic Philosophy, (Trans. November Turhan) Istanbul: 2000, p. 244.

has affected. His both religions and view of any list of their students, this will prove immediately we say. “

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