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Sonri Korutürk’s Health of Honest settled in Istanbul after completing ^ k REVINI. Hiking their day, walking and reading books.0-84 years old, in Istanbul, a sudden heart attack in fashion,

The Prosecutor’s Office announced the autopsy report “SIDDIZ Bilgi died with the torture of torture” The teacher of the Teacher, which has been died as a result of the fire that did not comply with the “Stop” warning, was announced that the Teacher Siddın Bilkln has lost his life on torture

Fol-work Hürriyet Neighborhood PTT branch was robbed by 2 people in the 5m rinse 5m indefinite 2 people. 5 million 55 on the chamber of the officer called Text Aybakan.

İlkukli.Coccurrence of success for Cortical and College students Nationality School Encyclopedia Pay immediately 8 months Detailed information in 16 Types

Solve the Muhimi EH £ E RA tank RKEN Selection “With the decision of the Constitutional Court of the Constitutional Court, is expected to be resolved in a short time. The general and diplomatic circles, Prime Minister and Anap General Other

The Prime Minister is the Morning Meeting in the Morning Meeting in the morning meeting in our Özal Meeting in the morning meeting of Nationality, our General Release Coordinator Altan Özgan and other friends

Confirmed the inon Talked t Selection Surat9 Prime Minister Özal’s SHP Head of the SHP General President of the President of the President of the SHP, when the parliament is collected, “he said in 12 pages”)

“A chapter from the dialog” Özai: “We can give you 15 days. We can postpone it accordingly” İnönü: “We need to collect the Assembly to talk to them”

When the parliament is collected, the Çankaya is also commissioned, the “Phone Diplomacy” was founded between the leaders for the solution of the government without creating a metrendary of the problem.

How was the decision of the Constitutional Court? W When is the choice of decision votes to be made? Has it changed? Conda research is in nationality tomorrow

Inap Leader Prime Minister Turgut Özal.ana Meaning Leader Leader Özal.ana Bi-Rer. Our Long Telephone Call.

PKK, Mine Upholstance Ordered Roads Sabotage 0PKK Military Handle Argk’s New Southeast Regional Military Argk’s New Southeast Regional “Botan” NLZAMETTLN Stone, Militans “Militans” Sabotage Actions, Cases

Break-out of the Political Sadron in Rkiye! What is not getting to look at and don’t get sorry. While the country is stopping, du-l I rup and never need it, in such a depression, the great

T * ETİ0 UÇA TCR * Ahat Bosfor Tourism F “Cheap Istanbul-Munich Connected with all European cities Muntazam bus flights.Public Mete Cad.No.14 Taksim Tel.151 70 00 (5 Hat) Cifts

“Additional Exam” Signature Queit Y ~ L University Students launched the signature campaign to recognize the right to additional exam .1-1 Examination of examination for lack of teaching HA

Loans and dormitories institution unable to undo loans Student Borrowing Tayyar Ankara K Redi vs. Domestic Tayyar Ankara k Redi and Dormitories and Mortar Loan receiving 733 Thousand 881 students owed to the state

21.50 – Cinema on TV plays “Dark City”: Burt Lancaster, Susan Sarandon, Michel Piccoli, Kate Rald Original Name: “Atlantic City” Director: Louis Mailing Year: 1979 Duration: 104 minutes. “I ally

Group Pyramid in the Music section of the program! We will watch.18.00-Ladies for you TV-1 gymnastics, fashion 1 ROGRAM at gymnastics, fashion, child education, relationships “at the constant film and” Dediment and I “1 place

In the sequence, Sharon Gless Cagney, Jync Daty, animating Lacey.

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