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Accordingly, when something is loaded on something, it is installed on the subject; Then this thing is uploaded to the issue that is told when it is loaded on something else, so that it is explained as two sides and a medium. In the sixth chaphy, the mention of the mention of the mention that the “one thing is in one direction in one direction” is processed. According to the IBN Sîn, this disorder is due to the fulfillment that some of them are on a subject. However, according to him, he is meant by ore, is what the truth is with no matter. It is what is required to have the presence in anything with the nature of the ore. Therefore, the araz cannot be present unless the thing that will keep it in it. Thus, Ibn Sînâ ,, The result is definitely there is no subject in which it is located. The subjects discussed in the second article are as follows: the relationship between the brees and the relationship of divisions and constituent chapters, the fact that ten high genes are divided by ten high genes, the number of these ten high genes, they do not have the numbers of them, and they do not have a breed under the first chapter. is received. In the second chapter, it is stated that the land of the nine categories of the land is not delicious to the nature of other lands of the terrain, in contrast to the nature of things in the contrary to the nature and its nature of the genus. The views of the fact that the number of categories are required or some of which are required to participate in others are discussed in the third chapter; In the Fourth Chapter, it is generally general for any of the categories of categories, or are excluded, and doubts and doubts are discussed. If the number of categories is difficult to spread or spread to the number of numbers, the subject of the fifth chapter is carried out.

Summarizing the issues discussed in the third article can be made briefly as follows: The first, second, third ores ie the state of the tike and tical ores are discussed in the first chapter. Is in the second chapter; While the first, second and third orghanes are examined; The subjects and properties of the ores are processed in the third chapter. In the fourth chapter, the quantity category is discussed. The first faces of the fourth article is included in the disclosure of other parts of the quantity and the coolarase quantity. If the quantity category has its properties, the subject of the properties is processed in the second chapter. In the third chapter, the relativity category is considered to be discussed and the interpretation of this definition; In the Fourth Chapter, the attributes of the relative are discussed. In the fifth chapter, the examination of the relativity of the Category is considered to be the difference between the relativity of the relative to the relativity of the relative, and the relatives of the relative to the category, which is the relative to the relativity of the relative. The subjects discussed in the fifth article can be summarized: identifying the qualification category and the first parts of this category are subject to review in the first chapter. In the second chapter, their views are included in the views of the partners of the attribute and their views are discussed. The examination of the truths of both species of both species of the qualification and the study of the truths of the Hal-Meleke and Force Lakuvvet are included in the third chapter; The type of doubt of force and LakuVvet is discussed in the fourth chapter.

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