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After half a year later, the Iraqi government announced North Rumeli only and directly by national petroleum partnerships. International auctions were prepared for the provision of technical services. The full nationalization of the Iraqi petroleum industry was based on the door. In July 1968, a new part of the military of the military has pulse with Baas Party, which is banned by the way. As it shows itself, the maximum of the right elements were a blow. The fact that the participants of the conspiracy is to exile and openly executed the calipholds, the government owners who decide alone have tried to raise Saddam Hussein. Sharp antiemperialist propaganda and “Socialist LAK” was a wealth policy behind the curtain behind the screen.

The new Iraq administration was very skilled in representing the oil partnership and the west interests standing behind him. In the first beginning, it was up to them from France and Italy to isolate the IPC in which petroleum firms are competing in marketing the Iraqi oil raw material. This was a form of political safety. In the same time, the Soviet Union was selected as a new alliance as one of the opponents in the system. However, the Iraqi State has gained an international dimension of the settlement with IPC. The bargaining status of the oil partnership was quickly worsen. Because pre-applied pressure was no longer used. With its activities IPC was now looking for regional political surveillance. Especially after 6 days of War, the USSR has made its political presence against power in the Middle East region. But the internal political advantage developing as a result of the Union of the Soviet Union, probably will carry more weights. The new regime expressed himself as populist. This is imperative to be effective in the public. To apply for organizations such as communist party and union groups, he brought important support. But the danger was on there. The regimen reinforces itself that he would try to apply their own requests. Soviet leadership has already been subject to national interests since long time, and the brother party was the victim of power policy as in official discourse. In fact, in the middle of the 1970s, after the IKP Iraqi regime, the brother party has no attempt.

The acquisition of oil wealth due to this reason was dependent on the state of the owners of power. But this was not only one partition of a power transfer. The IPC- group had accepted new developments, except exxon.

The fact that the Iraqi State, established by British imperialism due to oil deposits, agreed to the huge flocks. Unlimitedly, he fought Iran and the use of force as Kuwait is occupied, made the real power to appear. But it should not be forgotten: Saddam has also had programs on social and education on the terror for the power forces. This has been providing its regime inner stability. This separates him from Saudi Arabia, for example, the closest ally of the United States.

The West African country Angola is the second largest oil producer in Africa after Nigeria, today, daily production is around 1 million barrels.

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