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This also causes an unfair boiler in terms of insured. The religious works in the fetve with insurance in the fetve in the fuse of insurance, there is no responsibility of the insurance in Islamic law in Islamic law, and said that the insurance should be evaluated in this context. In order to support their views, Maliki has brought the contract to be convinced by Hanbeli and Hanefies. For example, one person, to the other, go to the other, and go to the other; because it’s a sure way, if anything happens to you, I will pay “Dese, he pays the damage that gives you the guarantee. ( The Besi says that the insurer is not possible to include an unfair earnings, and that he knows that the insurer will receive both and will pay and want to pay. (Besar, 1995: 69) The insurance is to the opposite of the opposing fate: According to the defenders of people, the destination of people must be submitted to the fate of God. To escape fate to escape, it is not to try to prevent damages to human beings that can be measured by life insurance especially with a team guarantees. This opinion is responded to: Insurance to be made to God’s discretion, it does not mean the reversal of the written in fate. The bilacic fate means to try to troubleshoot the impact of accidents that can happen to human beings. Insurance is the effort to take precautions against a danger that may occur, such as the parathones that are inserted to prevent the same buildings from falling on the same buildings. (EZ-ZERFA – EN-NECCAR, 2011: Turn. Hayrettin Karaman 47) 26

From the rain, snow from the snow, not to be affected by adverse weather, it is not reasonable to claim that people and charcoal as a winter preparation as the winter preparation and the same way to claim that people who accumulate the winter law. (Besar, 1995: 70) 4.2. Evaluation of the Administrator of the Eye takaful takaful practice in Turkey have focused on the awareness of the survey work, but because it is not enough participation to make statistically analyzed findings there has not been included in the study. The most important point in the answers to the open-ended question is a central fetva board. It is argued that the decisions that a central fetva board will take into account the sensitivities of the communion and opinion of the congregation and the leaders other than the bottom of this and the individual will become widespread in decisions. In addition, the second important point is relevant to the recognition of the individual. According to the answers given, it is emphasized that the identity of the individual is not sufficient and the studies on this issue should be done. the granting of state support for takaful in recognition of Turkey Insurance and Reinsurance Association (TSB) and Turkish Insurance Institute Foundation (TII) institutions such as training and seminar activities to do work related takaful related TV has been argued that media organs in need of making ads for takaful .

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