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F. To make (sacrificing sacrifice), price (fiat), physics (physicene), G. pregnant (pregnant), night show (Suare), nightly interest (overnight), delay (immediately), delay (immediately) Pass (Line), Pass (Corridor), pass (Passport), Longer (Passport), Transition Certificate (Passport), Passage (Passage), Parade (Official Parade), Tradition (Cover, Anane), Income ( rantabl), ship operation (kabotage), gene (repetition), wide-viewing angle- (vision), utensil (material, material, material), requirement, requirement, requirement (need), requirement, need (need, need to be in need of needy) , tension (blood pressure), reactionary (cork), reversing (return), return (return), traveler (mobile), trip (travel), navigation (tourism), travel (tourism), enter -The document (triptty), entered (input), 310

entrance (trend), interference (enterprise), entrepreneur (entrepreneur), entrepreneur (initiative), clothing, garment (clothing), garment, clothing cabinet (wardrobe), clothes show (shown), giz (secrete, cannabis), mystery ( Marijuana), Gizdöküm (Confess), Gizdüzen (Conspiracy), Prized Three (Potential), Mystery (Agent), Giztutar (Intelligence), Giztutar (Ketum), Gizyazi, Astronomer (Astronomy), Astronomer (Astronomy), Canopy (awning), bury (deficit), burial (grave, vessel), giving, sending (money order), sending (shipment, shipment), send (shipment), gönenç (prosperity), according to the volunteer (morale), the exclusion (quantity), task (magnificent), glorious (gorgeous), views (visity), appearance (perspective), appearance (perspective) (phenomenon), image (image, illusion), interview (interview, negotiation, visits), view (interview), body (cusion, body), bodybilin (anatomy), eye -ghich (illusionist), trim (threat), review ( revision), eye (cell), visual (autopsy), g Self-tuning (tolerable), power (force), motivation, motivation (motivation), cybernetic, guided (tactic), guided (angaje), laughing (humor, humor), ridiculous (funny), ridiculous (parody) Gülüt (GAG), Day Information (Calendar), Current Events (Actuality), Current Events (Actuality), Casual (Day Be Day), South Place (South Pole), Güneğlu (Oproport), Gürel, Güreli (energetic ), trust (trust), assured (guarantor), safeguard, reliability (relying), gowey (groom), beautifuluyu (aesthetics). H. Spend (Considering), Disease Table (Syndrome), Ventilation (Air Conditionner), Airlines (Airlines), Speed ​​(Speed), Fast (Serial), Reaction (Highway, Highway, Highway), Service (Service), Hortal (Ghost) ), tolerance (tolerance, tolerable), tolerant (tolerant), offensive player (Striker) 311

I. Ilgım (Serap), moderate (Mutedil), moderation (ITidal), Iraq, river (river), heatdam (thermostat), heat (thermal), ISIN (calories), beams (caloriphyetry), heating (heaters), heating, heating (radiator, convector), custom-made (order), deserted (secluded), lightometer (photometer, posometer), lightometer (projector) ), beam (3), beams, radiation (radioactivity), radiation (radioactive), radiation (radiometer), beams (radiometer), heating (lamp). I. interior (spacious), concave (concave), innerwood (inspiration), potable (hole. autism), sow (tunnel), tender (morale), drink (discharge), drink (injection, zerk), drink (injecting to zroking), drinking (tavern), drinking (alcohol), drinking (fumbling), interior (Batini, Mahremrese), internal number of internal sizes (including impassion), inner durable (laxative) , internal combustion (diesel), inheritory (injector), needle (injector), dikkli (duplex), secondary (tali), pusent (hesitancy), pusent (hesitant), hypocritical (being kani), ILYDİŞ (HURTER), ALENGER (Beddua, Fucking), Translation (Transplant), Transmission (Transfer), Message (Message), Communication (Communication), Translate (Transport), Distribution.

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